July 10, 2022

The Science of Love - St. Elisabeth of the Trinity

St. Elisabeth of the Trinity on the Science of Love

He is in me, I am in Him. It is enough for me to love Him, to let myself be loved, all the time, through all things: to wake up in Love, to move in Love, to sleep in Love, my soul in His Soul, my heart in His Heart, my eyes in His eyes, so that by His touch He may purify me, free me from my misery. If you only knew how He fills me.

  L 177 to Canon Isidore Angles, August 1903

It is so simple to love: it is to surrender yourself to all His desires, just as He surrender hImself to those of the Father; it is to abide in Him, for the heart that loves lives no longer in itself but in the one who is the object of that love; it is to suffer for Him, gathering up with joy each sacrifice, each immolation that permits us to give joy to his heart.  May the Lord teach you this science of love. 

L 288 to her sister Marguerite, June 24, 1906

June 28, 2022

The Influence of Love

We live in a world that has seemed to have forgotten God and without the sacred to give it orientation, it has fallen into chaos.  Not only societies and communities, but families and individuals are fragmented and dismayed.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and the vacuum of chaos has sucked in all kinds of magical thinking, escapism and opportunism. A deeper truth remains - for though we have forgotten God, God has not forgotten us.  More powerful than ideologically driven bureaucracies, regulatory manipulation and compelling nudges is the Gospel of Christ.  

If this is true, why does God seem absent from the news cycle or family arguments you ask?  He is not absent - He is at work in exquisite and amazing ways. He works with irrevocable subtlety because what He does in the heart is delicate and does not admit of brute force. The news cycle and public strife are too sensational for a God who prefers what is lowly and humble - only the pure of heart can discern the immensity of His power quietly at work in our midst. Hope flows with irresistible force against despondency and anxiety - and its secret source is the cruciform still point around which the world turns. 

God's Love does not need to control or force into compliance. It does not even need to defend itself against social agendas and political theories.  Its power is beyond the grasp of sociology and psychology.  This love has decided for humanity. This faithful love courageously enters into our plight until it is completely disguised in suffering and distress. This saving love remains above the fray even as it engages the marketplace of ideas and the public forum in search of those who need a word of hope.  This gentle love speaks boldly and with freedom, yet it conducts itself as the lowly servant.  Redeeming humanity, this dispossessing love has made itself the special possession of the heart that will welcome it. The Gospel of Christ is that God has revealed Himself to us by entering into our humanity and embracing all the misery it suffers so that we do not suffer alone, so that our dignity is not loss, so that we might find relief from our plight, so that we might at last find our way home.

June 26, 2022

Life, Liberty and America

American Independence is a celebration of true freedom. A gift won for us at the price of men's blood such freedom is not free.  St. Paul declares that we should use our freedom "to serve one another through love" Galatians 5:13.  He is also aware that we could use our freedom to "devour one another" Galatians 5:14.  Indeed, a gratuitous embrace of boorishness haunts us and creates the worst forms of poverty. What we do with freedom, how we honor the sacrifices of others who won it for us, is a solemn responsibility. To serve or to consume the life of others designates the great battle unfolding before us on this Independence Day.

At stake in this battle is the sacredness of life itself. Rancor and strife in our communities is not the result of using freedom to serve the gift of life. Not the reversal of a court decision threatens our society but fifty years of reckless. Now more than ever a culture of life or death is before us. If we want a culture of life, we need to make decisions with great care.  It takes no care at all to use another person, to appropriate them to a political cause or for personal gain.  This is to devour them. Instead, how careful we must be if we desire to build each other up and attempt to be of some service to the neighbor God has entrusted to my care.

The the care we need to show one another is discerned only under the standard of holiness. That is, in order to find our bearings in these confusing times, we need to remember the sacred. From the very dawn of humanity, the sacred has been our orientation point to navigate our way through the chaos of life.  God's holiness is not indifferent to the plight of humanity or the social challenges we now face.  Instead, God, in all his transcendent otherness, has freely chosen to implicate Himself in the misery that has robbed us of true freedom. 

Human freedom is sacred because it is in the image and likeness of the eternal freedom revealed by Christ crucified. The Cross reveals the freedom of the Father who sent His Son into our hostility toward holiness.  The Cross reveals the freedom of the Son to embrace our hostility and suffer it unto death.  The Cross reveals the freedom of the Spirit to communicate the love that overcomes death -so that we too might be free and raised up with Christ.  As Saint Paul observes, this freedom needs goodness and truth or it becomes a self contradiction. This freedom needs to serve life. 

If we accept it, the goodness and truth that He offers goes beyond an individual experience - it is meant to be something that we share together in an eternal friendship too great for this world to contain. Every human person and all of us together are meant to bear each other up in freedom and in the perfect liberty of love to help each other thrive as sacred beings - beings who image the very likeness of God in the visible world.  With help from Above, we can help one another live lives pleasing to the Living God even here, below.  This is what a great civilization does - and it could be what we has a people choose as well.

If we turn to the holiness of God revealed by Christ, we could build together a civilization of love where no one is treated as a mere means to an end. Without God in recent times, we have failed to rise above the incivility of regarding others through the eye of self-serving calculation. Moving forward, whatever we choose will either take us beyond the gravity of our own egos or else weigh us down in self occupation. 

Conversely, when we lack the advantage of divine horizons, the scope of liberty cannot see beyond self-interest. Freedom easily succumbs to the merely self-serving.  Within the limits of the convenient and familiar we live by herd instincts at once alienated and manipulatable. Yet something in us rebels against this and we feel in our hearts the need to go beyond where our technocracy nudges.  If we call on God, He can render us vulnerable to the ability to choose what is good, holy and true, not only for oneself, but together with others. Here, horizons of greatness open before us as a people. In this solidarity, could choose to make doing something beautiful for God and neighbor our task together.

Thus, the Thrice Holy God opens up a choice between life and death.  Without the Holy One, we can only choose death. With the One who makes us holy, though faced with death, we can also choose life.  Such choices define us not only as individuals but as a people. 

If we still desire to be a great people, it is time for us to choose life as individuals, families and a nation. Indeed, individual states will now have the freedom to debate this and to decide what sort of societies they would like to be. To choose a culture of life is to build a civilization of love. Indeed, love rebuilds what we have destroyed - the Holiness of God manifests itself precisely in such love. 

Here, with the help of the Holy One, we can build a civilization that has space and courage to welcome the gift of another no matter the cost.  Here, we do not need to worship at the dark altars of technology and commercialism, but we can step into the fresh air of kindness and mutual forgiveness in the light of God. Here, we might rediscover what it means to be free men and women.

Any society, no matter how affluent and powerful, damns itself when it condone that attitude that one must be deemed desirable to join club humanity.  Such a society devours rather than serves life.  In our country, what has this "devouring" of one another beget but a cacophony of manipulation and hatred?  Treating life as if it were a mere product that we might choose or not among other material things has torn down the social fabric that genuine freedom needs. 

The sacredness of life demands more. A society that ignores the sacred devolves into chaos.  Unaware of the sacred, we gratuitously accuse, shame and gaslight because we are too wounded, alienated and afraid to accept the sacred truth about life.  If confused about life, then we have lost clarity on sex and gender. Because we cannot freely welcome the way things are as a gift from the Holy One, we are vulnerable in a labyrinth of self-definition where everything is an unbearable burden.

Accepting life as a gift or seeing it as a burden opens either to the pathway of life or the pathway of death.  The Holy One invites us we see our neighbor as a gift, even if yet in the womb unseen. The choice He unveils comes down to whether one regards life as a sacred gift or merely biological burden. It is the Holiness of God that gives us that chance to choose between these two ways, but the choice is ours.

St. Teresa of Kolkata observed to the leaders of our country that it is the greatest poverty to believe that another must die so that one might live as one wants.  For those who treat life in the womb as a burden - whether personally or socially - they have already chosen this extreme spiritual poverty.  It is even worse for those who treat human life as a commercial opportunity to be exploited for personal and corporate greed. Yet there is a whole industry that deals in the parts of baby's bodies that we ignore our laws to protect.  

To treat life in this way is a gross monstrosity of the liberty we were meant to have. To ape freedom in this way does not increase dignity but wounds it. To choose what is beneath our dignity never builds the solidarity of a great nation but shatters it.  Yet, wounded and shattered is exactly where a large portion of American Society is.  

Billy Graham once observed that he could think of no problem for which Jesus was not the answer. He has called us to freedom. As we grapple with the sacredness of life and spiritual poverty as a people, God is also at work, ready to support us when we choose life. He can heal what is wounded. He can make whole what has been shattered. If we turn to Him, we will find answers to the difficult questions that vex us as a people and as individuals.

June 4, 2022

Mother of Hidden Light

She remembered, 

Shrouded in Faith's Night, shocked silence:

That nail splintered wood, 

Those fastened hands 

Dripping in pulses of Love Divine

And human heart, stretch in final 

Blessing, the Word's 

Wordless cry echoed 

Obedient between fingers holding 

Her heart even as He gives all away, 

The Word's wordless agony pierced even deeper: 

Oh anti-thesis of all that was promised! 

She suffered that blessing, but 

She stood firm. Until

Later this new steadfastness 

Filled Peter and John,

Whose secret she shared as they

Witnessed to burial cloth and head coverings set

Apart in a tomb robbed of death, and

In shared memories of this emptiness

She prayed. Until

Wind moved tongues of fire, shrouded 

In faith's night, splintered tongues told truth

to bind in love a still frail fellowship

born of spiritual maternity

And in hidden light,

found hope.


May 27, 2022

The Risen Lord Present in the World Today

The Lord is Risen and raised up from our sight!  He has triumphed over death -- defeating death by His death, and now this current life cannot hold Him.  The gates of the netherworld are broken and the gates of heaven thrown open wide. He enters before us to open the pathway. He emerges victorious from the battlefield with his holy humanity intact and now His humanity raises all humanity above itself, reconstituting it so that it might participate in Divine Life.  Thus, His Risen Body appears among us even after He is taken from our sight.  

He is taken from our sight and He is still present.  He suffered death but now He lives, the Undying One. Raised to Heaven, He is still with us until the end of time. How is the Risen Lord present to us?  

He is not simply present in the world - one presence among other presences.  He is present to the world through His mystical body holding the whole world together. He conquered death so that death no longer separates us from Him and so He is re-establishing everything in Himself. No earthly or heavenly power stands in the way of His love.  Nothing can resist it. Everything his presence touches is made new. 

Consider how He is present in our relations with one another.  He has so bound us together in His presence that we discover something greater than death is reconstituting our very relations with one another.  Bound together by Christ's love, a love stronger than death, we have been refashioned by faith and baptism into His Mystical Body. In this reconstituted life, His presence helps us see new possibilities that eyes still subject to death cannot see. Thus, we even find the courage to forgive and to seek forgiveness, to renounce petty grievances and to accept the graciousness of a stranger.  

Consider how He is present  in our suffering, even as we face death itself. Through being members of His Body, His risen life animates us even while our earthly bodies are subject to death.  This means that He is so close to us that we can act with the power of His resurrection in the world - providing the world a new foundation, a new orientation point, a principle of organization that surpasses everything that passes away.