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Reading Posts from Beginning to Pray

Occasionally, Kris McGregor records readings of this blog and podcasts these on Discerning Hearts
Here is a post about the Lenten Observance

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity
Heaven in Faith Series
Kris McGregor interviews me through these conferences with Miriam Gutierrez providing “the voice” of Blessed Elizabeth.
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Saint Hildegard of Bingen
Spiritual Visions
Kris McGregor guides a conversation with me concerning the spiritual meaning of the visions of the Abbess of Bingen, a benedictine nun and our newest Doctor of the Church.
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Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity
Last Retreat
Following our Heaven in Faith series, Kris McGregor leads me through these interviews concerning a spiritual masterpiece offered by the Mystic of Dijon before her death, with Miriam Gutierrez providing “the voice” of Blessed Elizabeth.
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Coming Soon:
The Poetry of St. John of the Cross

Interior Basilica Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain