July 10, 2022

The Science of Love - St. Elisabeth of the Trinity

St. Elisabeth of the Trinity on the Science of Love

He is in me, I am in Him. It is enough for me to love Him, to let myself be loved, all the time, through all things: to wake up in Love, to move in Love, to sleep in Love, my soul in His Soul, my heart in His Heart, my eyes in His eyes, so that by His touch He may purify me, free me from my misery. If you only knew how He fills me.

  L 177 to Canon Isidore Angles, August 1903

It is so simple to love: it is to surrender yourself to all His desires, just as He surrender hImself to those of the Father; it is to abide in Him, for the heart that loves lives no longer in itself but in the one who is the object of that love; it is to suffer for Him, gathering up with joy each sacrifice, each immolation that permits us to give joy to his heart.  May the Lord teach you this science of love. 

L 288 to her sister Marguerite, June 24, 1906