January 1, 2023

Eucharistic Revival - the Invasion of the Word

 The Invasion of the Eucharistic Word 

The Eucharistic Word invades

In the solemn mirth

Of this very moment,

Under a multitude of veils,

Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity

Rejected but undaunted,

Resounding with meaning - faith’s secret orientation point

Amidst the rush of change, 

Through the profane, Light blazes its trail of glory. 

In the beginning, we hear these silent

Magnitudes of majesty,

In hidden untold splendor,

Bursting forth the more

Betrayed, denied, abandoned,

Suffering to be suffered,

By a surrendered heart, that patiently 

Bears his love lavished soft on 

Beatitude's breathing.

Before this fulness of life, 

a soul can ache with

Such sadness and joy in adoration - 

At once enkindled, overflowed, overwhelmed

By those harmonies

As still remain to be heard:

Throw down your crown, fall on your knees - ah those

Hymns, anthems, canticles becoming

That heart, who raises whole creation into

Dawn's brightness.