March 9, 2010

Faith of a Mustard Seed

Mr. and Mrs. Tinucci go to daily mass at the Shrine of St. Anne in Arvada, CO.  Their quiet and joyful witness helps make this parish a wonderful community.  They send me the most encouraging messages at least once a month and the messages are always accompanied with Chiara Lubich's little newsletter Word of Life.  The Tinucci's latest note reflects on Jesus' teaching of what just a little faith can do.  Here is what they wrote me for March,

"The comparison with the "mustard seed" is used to show that what Jesus requires of you is not faith of a particular size, but a genuine faith.  The faith that Jesus wants from his disciples is, in fact, that attitude of total trust which allows God himself to manifest his power.  At times, when faced with difficulties we cannot overcome, we may even be tempted not to turn to God.  It is then that Jesus urges us not to be discouraged but to turn to God with trust.  In one way or another he will answer us."

This reflection on Jesus' teaching about how much faith we need to move mountains has particular application to those mountains of sinful habits which constantly pull us back into our old way of life.   We become so discouraged with our ongoing struggle against those obstacles to true love in our lives.  We know we ought to love, but sometimes we find ourselves powerless to do so.  The love of God is more powerful than these seemingly insurmountably barriers.  Why should we have confidence that Jesus will move these mountains if we sincerely ask?  We have confidence in Him because He has even more confidence in us.  With just a little genuine faith in the Lord, "Nothing will be impossible for you" (Mt. 17:20).

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