November 7, 2010

The Memorial of Elisabeth of the Trinity 2010

Elisabeth of the Trinity - whose memorial is this Monday - is frequently referenced on this blog.  This is because she understood her mission to be to help people enter into deep prayer.  A carmelite nun, she saw self-occupation as a huge block to prayer and actually said that she would help lead souls out of themselves and into God.  She was convinced that once we are free of our big fat ego - God is able to transform us in love.  She called this transforming encounter with the Lord "the divine impact."

With her love for the Scriptures, her devotion to the Trinity, her captivation with Christ's salvific work - her writings are filled with helpful insights.   Not everyone finds her easy to read - her flow of thought follows a musical composition rather than the rules of logic - and she is dense with quotations from the mystical tradition of the Catholic Church.   Although she only lived to the age of 26, from the beginning of the Twentieth Century to today, many contemplatives have found  her solid teaching helpful.

For a brief bio and bibliography, see
Some of her works in English and a very good bibliography by Jennifer Moorcroft are available here: and of course here:

There are a lot of great resources on her - for example, check out:

I have also referenced her writings in the following posts:

Happy Blessed Elisabeth Day!

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