December 31, 2010

Time, Eternity and a Blessed New Year

Time is not simply duration of a cycle that repeats itself over and over.  It is linear.  It marches in a direction, pregnant with hidden purpose and deep meaning.  We hunger for this spiritual meaning because we are not at home when limited by the mere succession of visible and predictable life events.

Faith offers another experience of time.  Elisabeth of the Trinity says that time is eternity begun and still in progress.  This means that eternity is exploding through each moment of our life, permeating every instant and transforming this physical duration.    This way sees each moment as an unrepeatable gift from God, breaking forth with the specific gravity of his unfolding love, pulling us toward Him, on pilgrimage.   But this force of love requires our decision, our readiness to offer ourselves to love, for love, by love - believing in love to the end.

This is because the form of love, the threshold of eternity in time is the Cross.  This is the pathway to the Lord.   Faith helps us see this, and prayer is the most beautiful response to it.  May this new year take us closer into the heart of the Living God!

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