August 12, 2011

Video Clips of our Journey from Krakow to Vienna en route to Madrid

These are some video clips made by Daniel, one of our seminarians from Denver.  I hope sharing these experiences with you helps you pray for us - we are praying for you every day.

Day One
He arrived early with a couple other seminarians and before meeting up with the whole group went to Auschwitz to pray on the Feast of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein).

Day Two
Daniel shows our meeting with Cardinal Dzwicz in the chapel where Karol Wojtyla was ordained, the Franciscan Church across the street where he liked to go to pray, the Wawel (Castle) with the Cathedral underneath which Blessed John Paul II prayed his first Mass.

Day Three
This one shows our road trip from Krakow to Vienna -- we get stopped and searched by the Czech police on the way.  It was quite a situation - they gave up the search when Father Gawronski, S.J. started praying the  Rosary with us.  I am not so sure they are used to people praying in public there.  The end of the clip shows our daily mass at a Polish parish not far from the Belvedere.  

We made it to Padua today so there is more to come!

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