November 9, 2011

Elisabeth of the Trinity and the Gift of Prayer

Elisabeth of the Trinity helps the Church understand that prayer is a gift given by God for the sake of our humanity.   It is an encounter with the Trinity - at once profoundly personal and ecclesial.  This contemplation changes the way one thinks and lives, but Elisabeth's writings show that we never go beyond the truths safeguarded in sacred doctrine.  Instead, her writings suggest that in prayer the truths of our faith are experienced like a symphony and that in this music wonderful hymns of heaven ring.   To join this music even for a moment is to realize what Elisabeth of the Trinity discovered.  It is to become like her the Praise of Glory, what she believed was her personal vocation before the Lord and is everyone's vocation in different ways. To join such a chorus if even just for a moment in one's busy day - this is to taste what it means to be free, to be fully alive, to live in the truth about one's own self, to catch sight of our heavenly homeland and to find a little rest in the midst of this weary world.  Last year, for the memorial of Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity, I linked some resources about her life.  That material can be found here: More about Elisabeth of Dijon.