January 22, 2012

Christ's Invitation: Heaven in Faith Series

"Remain in Me" this is Christ's invitation to us come what come may in our lives.  We can remain in Him because He remains with us.  No matter what happens, He never abandons us.  He quietly waits for us even in those places in our hearts which are hostile to Him.  He has won the right to do this by his death of the Cross - and his love is stronger than death, stronger than our misery, greater than our hostility to God.   It is by his love than even in our failures - especially in our failures - we find Him in the most wonderful ways. In this reflection on Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity we consider these words of Jesus and how if we are faithful to cleaving to Him in faith, to being mindful of Him throughout the day, pondering his beautiful presence, He is able lead us deep into the abyss of his Mercy, deep into the love of the Father.  Please click here to listen to the podcast.