June 6, 2012

Doing God's Will Puts Music in the Soul

For Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity, the spiritual life is all about bringing our will into harmony with God's will.  When we will what God's wills out of love for Him and out of desire to be with Him, our hearts sing his praise - we in fact become the praise of his glory.  But to become praise, we must die to everything that is not God's will for us.  This means letting go of all the things that drive us that are other than the love of God.  Selfish habits, pride, the desire to be in control, the need to say the last word, resentment, bitterness, rash judgment, even the need to appear justified in the eyes of others -- all of this can be very hostile to the will of God and as long as we allow these things to drive us, we are out of harmony with God.  If we are not in harmony with God,  we can never join in the divine melodies Christ reveals on the Cross and we are deaf to the the symphony of truth and love which echoes in heaven.  Blessed Elisabeth shows that the pathway to enter into harmony with the Will of God is the way of the Cross, the pathway by which we die to self and live for God.  For episode 16 in my pod-casts at Discerning Hearts, click here.

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