October 24, 2012

Holy Spirit - Life of the Soul

The Fire of God never ceases to reveal the truth in love.  It burns in human nature without consuming it, but allowing God's holiness to be safely approached by the humble of heart.  This Holy Fire burns away impurities, it warms, it illumines.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.  One of the most beautiful qualities of the truth is that its discovery always contains a note of surprise.  The truth is never exactly what we expect.  It reaches beyond what is calculable and dances outside the narrow confines of cleverness.  Precisely because it holds us accountable to things we would rather not face, we sometimes experience the impulse to deny the truth. Yet to do this would be to choose to live in myth, constantly blown around by the callous whims of our own egos.  On the other hand, if we are docile to the Fire of God's love, we are able to surrender our existence to the mystery of the truth so that something beyond ourselves shapes our being.

The Wind of God whispers primordial harmonies our hearts need to hear.  Out of tune with reality, we are unable to appreciate the symphonic wonders of what God is accomplishing the way we were originally meant to.  Uncreated Love speaks in our innermost being to remind us of the love we are created to know and manifest- convicting and confirming, admonishing and encouraging - that we might accept the truth about who we are and who God is and what we must do.  When we do - we find ourselves rectified, standing on solid ground and in a better place to safe-guard and protect our dignity - no matter the external circumstances that must be faced or endured.

The Holy Spirit is the life of the soul - the human spirit's only source of lasting refreshment.  The Spirit animates us with the life of the One who sent Him-- the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  To be open to the narrow way of truth the Holy Spirit teaches is to be vulnerable to the immense excess of divine love, and being immersed in this ocean of love is the secret to the fullness of life.  Conversely, to resist this Divine Inflow is a convenient but perilous path.  For humanity's spiritual thirst is unquenchable save by those living waters by which we die to ourselves and live by the life of Christ in us.


  1. Pretty much hits the nail on the head of what I need to hear today. Today and every day. Thanks.

  2. I cannot agree with Tanya more! Just reading this now - gorgeous stuff! Grazie mille.