March 4, 2016

Elisabeth of the Trinity to be Canonized

This is an update to a post a did a few years ago on the canonization process for Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity.  Today, Pope Francis issued a decree approving the healing of Miss Marie-Paul Stevens as a miracle.  A religion teacher afflicted with Sjogren's Syndrome, Miss Marie-Paul Stevens, while on a pilgrimage to Blessed Elisabeth's convent, in Flavignerot, just outside of Dijon, was completely cured. Over the summer of 2011, the Archdiocese of Dijon opened the process for the canonization of Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity, the Carmelite Mystic of Dijon, France (1880-1906) and Pope Francis's action today completes this process. A formal announcement of the date of her canonization is coming in the next few weeks.

Saitn John Paul II identified her as a strong influence on his spiritual life at her beatification in 1984.  Cardinal Decourtray (at the time Bishop of Dijon) attributed his own healing to her intercession at the time.  Yet even more wonderful are the many conversions to a deeper life of prayer attributed to her intercession and spiritual mission in the life of the Church.  Centennial celebrations throughout France ten years ago indicated that many have discovered devotion to the Trinity and deeper contemplative prayer through her life, writings and intercession.   For many, her canonization would express and deepen their sense of gratitude to this pianist become nun at the turn of the last century.

Part of the process leading to the declaration of sainthood requires that a second miracle be obtained by her intercession after her beatification.  The miracle approved today is this second miracle for Blessed Elisabeth.  

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