August 11, 2017

A Prayer for Peace

Under the shadow of the Father's glory, humanity is established in peace -- whether as individuals, or families, or whole societies. This is more true and real than all the passing circumstances of this world below, no matter how evil or catastrophic they might become. Under the shade of this glory, Christ purifies and illuminates our whole human experience so that all that is cold and dark is being made radiant with divine warmth. This is the reason for our hope.

If we persevere in our hope, this very glory visits us through faith in Jesus with every humble cry for his help. Even when we run out of the right words to say, the Holy Spirit teaches us to express desires that no words can contain, holy desires that the Father longs to fulfill. Rooted in obedience to the Father's Word, such prayer shelters the whole world even as everything in the world falls apart. To learn to pray in this way is to overcome every fear and anxiety, not only in one's own heart, but in the whole world. It is to access a saving mystery that changes hearts and reveals new reasons for hope. It is the prayer that the world is longing for Christians to offer anew.

Come Spirit of Peace
Holy Comforter and Spirit of Truth
Convict us of our indifference
Convince us of our sin
Let us know again that human misery is not without limits,
that the victory of good over evil has already been won.

By the Mercy of the Father,
Cast down the mighty from their thrones
Scatter the proud in their conceit
Lift up the lowly

By the Blood of Christ,
Silence our rancor
Overcome our enmity
Give courage in the face of tyranny
Mercy for the plight of our neighbor
Compassion in offering forgiveness
Humility in seeking to be forgiven

Through the tender courage of Mary's Son
Vanquish the oppressor
Rescue the oppressed
Thwart the violent

Under the shadow of Eternal Glory,
Protect the vulnerable
Calm the anxious
Hear the desperate
Establish us in peace -

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