September 30, 2018

Of Immeasurable Things

There is a temptation to live by the measures of others. Yet, the most noble and beautiful mysteries of this present life cannot be measured. What is born in the heart of mother and child when each beholds the other for the first time is hidden from the external observer. The exchange in the glances between the forgiven and the forgiver remains un-circumscribed by the merely calculable. How much more immeasurable is the explosion of noble affection, joy and spiritual tears known in the heart of someone who has glimpsed the tenderness of God.

We allow what is visible and material to command so much of our attention. The weight of loving things lower than the greatness of our dignity drags us down.  For this reason, whims of the moment rob us of a deeper peace that we are meant to know and anxieties distract us from giving our hearts in trust to the only One who can truly relieve our fears.  We try to control and to contain, but we are all the less secure. How many tears are shed over the loss of tangible but passing things that could never have satisfied our heart no matter how hard we clung.

It is not that there is no place for the measurable. This visible world is a wondrous gift from God and our natural power of reasons reckons so many of his wonders in amazement. These are gifts and love letters bestowed on us because we are, more than anything else, beloved. A multitude of astonishing creatures flows over our existence and is entrusted to us with such tender care. Our ability to behold this great bounty allows us to give thanks and, in response, to become good stewards. Yet we must never forget that what is measurable is only a sign of something so much more -- the faintest shadow of a great mystery that eagerly awaits us in an excess of love. 

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