December 18, 2018

Gabriel - The Angel of Advent

When St. Gabriel appeared to a humble handmaid, he became the first evangelist.  Through the meeting of the archangel with this woman of faith, heaven evangelizes earth.  Sent from above, the heavenly power makes known a truth that has humbled all of heaven, and the humility of this virgin welcomes it in faith.  He does not come to overwhelm, frighten or oppress this creature full of grace. He comes with a greeting and a word of courage to this Daughter of Zion. He makes known what her intelligence could not fathom. Divine promises are fulfilled in an unanticipated way. The unimaginable message surpasses every hope. By the ministry of an angel, the Word is conceived first in the human heart, but then in the womb - and through this heart, every heart has new hope, and through this womb, all wombs made sacred.

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