May 1, 2019

First Day - by Scott Eagan


From midnight on
the prospect of sun rising
first day in the week, a sleeping
Savior prepares to open his eyes.
Second Adam touched by the Father’s
helping hand, who is speaking silently the invitation
‘Wake, come cross the frontier.’
Sitting up, stars far above, overhead
points of light in eon’s black dome
deep in the tomb, the day has already dawned
new flower unfolding on a bed of old dreams
casting off the slumber of time
sparking a new order hidden in stone
sharp ray of light slicing the bonds.
Six days we work and worry
they slide into the hope, the incredulity
beyond our control, a Root splitting rock
Seedling transforming its old shell
revelation has become charged with energy
Sunday step into the cradle of truth
and the opening rhyme of resurrection.

Scott Eagan
March 10, 2019

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