April 19, 2020

The Still Small Voice

In our households, there are moments where it is good to turn off all the entertainment and diversions, light a candle, fold our hands, close our eyes and pray.  God speaks in silences, and the mature soul longs for those silences.  It does not have to be for long. All He needs is our readiness to surrender. Indeed, He can accomplish more in the twinkling of an eye than we can by years of conscious self-improvement. Indeed, some of our spiritual gymnastics do little more than prevent us from hearing His still small voice. The humble and persistent knock opens what arrogant self-reliance shuts out.

A subtle whisper moves with great delicacy through the heart echoing up from its deepest chambers, beckoning our pursuit into the unfamiliar and uncomfortable wilderness of a truer love. This familiar whisper is not our own, but resounds from the One from whom our being comes and for whom we were made. He is the Life Himself who made us, the very Truth who holds us into existence, the Way by which alone we find our heavenly homeland.  Now through the power of the Holy Spirit who He sends to us, we can hear this Word of the Father with the ear of our heart. Risen from the dead, He makes us understand that love surpassing all understanding - if only we might savor this spiritual food! If for one moment one glimpsed those eyes gazing on us with such kindness. What beautiful meaning His gaze traces in the soul! If we let Him, He will etch this hidden splendor into the fabric of our being until it breaks forth in action.  

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