May 1, 2020

Prayer for Wisdom: In the Face of Danger by Scott Eagan

Come Holy Spirit – Come with Tongues of Fire
Come Great Sanctifier – Come, our Hearts Desire

Come Bestow Your Gifts – Holy Wisdom and Love
Show us Thy Ways – Wise Paths from Above

Help Us To Discern – To Choose and to See
Through this Present Darkness – Granting Great Mercy

Give us Children’s Hearts – As from the Manger
Guide with Thy Hand – Save us From All Danger

Bring us to the Empty Tomb 
 Where Our Lord Rose from Death’s Dark Womb

Dispel in Us All Sin and Fear
Draw Us Close Now - Bring Us Near

Fire our Hearts – and Live Within
Let Thy Love Heal Noise and Din

Jesus Christ Our Risen Lord
Arm our Minds with Gospel Sword

To Our Father Lead us On
Bring us to Your Forever Dawn

Give Us Thy Wisdom for this Day
With St. Joseph and Our Lady - Let Us Pray


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