March 16, 2012

Heaven in Faith - episode 8: Losing ourselves in the Will of God

Calmly losing ourselves in the will of God is what Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity recommends to those who desire the freedom to live by love every moment of their lives.   The greatest obstacle to love is our own bloated egos.  The gravity of self-occupation pulls us into ourselves and fills us with fear every time God tries to pull us out of ourselves.   Trusting God, looking to Him, relying on Him is impossible as long as this gravity exerts its influence on our hearts.  This is why the Lord sometimes permits us to suffer a difficult loss or failure or painful trial.  If He allows us to be tried all the way to the breaking point, being broken and humbled is not the end of the story.  It is simply a new beginning where we learn that deeper surrender that allows God to do great and wonderful things.  In such moment, it is by trusting Him that we live life to the full.