March 2, 2012

Prayer - A Simple Look of Love

The exceeding love of God is why my imagination, feelings and thoughts are of such limited value when it comes to prayer. Being mindful of holy things and stirring up sentiments of devotion gets us started - but beyond my words, feelings and thoughts there is a poverty of heart from which prayer springs. A humble surge of the heart reaches for the Word of God, the Eternal Word, the Word become flesh - if only to touch the hem of his garment. In this spiritual emptiness, He is able to fill the heart with his own divine yearning, supernatural desires that go beyond all created ability to articulate or comprehend. A fire of love which consumes one's whole existence begins to burn and love's vulnerable wordless cry echoes again, just as it did on the Cross, to the glory of God the Father. In this simple, wholly loving movement one learns the total surrender which utterly frees us. Here, the silent discovery of a simple look of love annihilates every dehumanizing fantasy, sentiment and judgment. At the same time, gazing on the One who gazes on us in love raises up on high all that is good, noble and true.

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  1. This is a very beautiful description! It speaks to my heart and encourages me. Thank you.