April 12, 2021

Our Lady of the Night

In the earliest hours, when the world

Yet asleep from restless wonderings

Cease I, and keep a vigil

In faith's terrible darkness singing 

With the Lady of the Night.

Here, I discover how her serene silence soothes 

tenderly lonely, tormented

souls, even in death's grip,

For faith's shadow knows

such love from dark night's Lady.

The Cross of racing cars and empty 

street, met in sober homecoming, sudden struck

Absent father, wounded son, my difficult brother, sin now born away

On faith's lightening, as flash and flow those tears 

Of the Mother gently given us by her dying Light.

The Cross of cloaked asphalt, cement, 

hidden bus stop, when no-one knew

that disconnected goodly child self-poisoned

In her arms at rest as did her own Son

Save that Woman who gazes by faith's glory.

We place such large stones in the holes we dig

For ourselves, for those we love 

While faith weeps, aching for the lost

In the arms, we rest, as did her own Son,

Of that Daughter whose glory sees hope.

Rising, before first light, a dawning New Day, 

In each one's garden, a throw from that Cross, from

Every Cross, wounded Hands roll away that large stone,

While in upper room, in each one's plight, prays

That good Lady, the Gardner's Mother, ours in the night.

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